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Breed Registry - For ATA Members To Register Their Animals

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Refer to links below (Codes pg.1 & pg.2) if you need to find the Registration codes to complete your registrations. Or need to refer to the Validation Parameters Chart of data for your registrations. Download and print. Horned/Polled/Scurred codes: H or P or S

DocumentCODES For REGISTRATIONS - page 1 -Color, Disposal, Breeds (A to L)
DocumentCODES For REGISTRATIONS - page 2 -Breeds (L to T), Twin, Mating, Calving Ease, Feed Code
DocumentData Input Validation Parameters Chart for Tarentaise registrations
bw, ww, calving interval, dam age, etc.

Average EPD's for active Registered Tarentaise sires

Birth Weight 1.8
Weaning Weight 13.7
Milk 1.8
Yearling Weight 26.1
Calving Ease Direct -0.6
Calving Ease Maternal 1.0

BLANK REGISTRATION APPLICATION FORMS - download & print copies here

DocumentMulti-Animal Registration Form

DocumentSingle Animal Registration Form -pg. 1 (download back of form also-see next line)
DocumentSingle Animal Registration Form - back of form pg 2

ATA Sire Summary 2017

The EPD data for all registered Tarentaise in the ATA database has been updated as of May 1 2017. Click below to read the "2017 Tarentaise Genetic Trend" written by Colorado State University.

DocumentPreface/ Sire selection parameters for this Summary

DocumentGlossary of Terms found in the Sire Summary

DocumentGenetic Trend for American Tarentaise -Colorado State University Center for Genetic Evaluation of Livestock
Written 2017 by S.E. Speidel, K.J. Jennings and R. Mark Enns
Includes graphs and charts

Letters for Birth Year Tattoos

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