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If you are looking for Tarentaise to purchase, go to the "ATA CHR Breeders List" link found on the home page. This "CHR Breeders" list gives you names of active ATA member breeders with Purebred & Fullblood ATA Sanctioned Registered animals that may be available for sale. Then return to this membership directory for contact information.

Document2016 ATA Active Membership by State

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ATANow Website on Yahoo - for ATA members & others with an interest in Tarentaise cattle

The ATANow group site allows ATA members to post comments, photos, and share ideas with others who have Tarentaise cattle and other common interests.
There is no fee to join this yahoo group.

Or go to to join the group. First register with Yahoo by selecting a username and a password. Follow the instructions. To get to ATANow in Yahoo Groups, click on "More Sites". Click on "Groups". In Search bar enter ATANow (ATA must be in capital letters). Click on "Join this group". Select options. Wait for email confirmation of membership.

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