Tarentaise Semen Available from ATA Members’ Inventories

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NEW SEMEN SIRES ADDED 1-2018 – Paradise Ridge Tarentaise – below

Owner: Phil Anderson

Polled Homozygous Purebred Tarentaise Bull – DNA Proven – Semen for Sale

Contact: Phil Anderson
Avoca, Iowa

Hats AF Special Edition X739 – Reg. # 217696
Breed color, DNA tested Homozygous Polled. Moderate framed, deep, thick bodied, linebred bull. Proven calving ease for use on heifers. Sons and daughters working commercially and in purebred herds. $15/straw

Hats AF Special Edition x739 – ATA Reg. # 217696 -Proven Polled Homozygous

Owner: Keyhole Tarentaise – E.Wayne Colette

Brighton, Colorado
Semen Locations: Rocky Mountain Sire Services, Inc., Bennett CO or Nebraska Bull Service, McCook NE
Contact E.Wayne Colette for more info – make an offer.

Bull name & ATA reg. #:
Ah’s Karny #204115
Ah’s Kommadore #204788
Alpin #1
Atlantic #236
Beliquex #2
Boby #3
Dakota #30
Iroune #4
Ignace #8
Impressive #162
Victorieux #271
Burnett Lazer 332 #211387 & 214586
Diamond L Hugo Y-25 # 168441
LTL Longmont
BNT Black Baron B40 #180066
Boby 004
Bar None Cattilac X800 #464 & 214475

Owner: Ledahl Tarentaise – Brian Ledahl

9005 137th Ave NW, Zahl, North Dakota 58856
701-694-3511 or cell 701-570-1427
email: bledahl@nccray.com

Semen Location: At Owner’s Farm – Discounts for Volume orders – about 600 straws from following 5 sires.

1) Diamond L Hugo Y25 – Registration #168441
Purebred Bull with a lot of progeny. Will add pounds to his offsprings’ weaning weight and yearling weight.
2) C-C Black Selector 100 – Reg. #186372
Purebred Black Scurred Bull – will add pounds for weaning weight and yearling weight,plus great maternal.
3)Garner G55 T608 – Reg. #194146
Purebred Black Bull that had been shown in Denver as a yearling.
4) Krusader’s Reflection – Reg. #163
Fullblood Bull – I don’t know much about this Bull, but I have used his semen and was impressed by his bull calves.
5) Krusader – Reg. #65

Owner: Hat Ranch – Doug Honold

2261 B Ave., Coon Rapids, IA 50058
712-684-5216 or cell 712-210-3202
email: hatranch@gliddenwildblue.com
Location of semen: Hawkeye Breeders, Adel,IA

1) Hats Copycat J60 – Registration #202750
Smaller frame, thick, & proven calving ease for heifers. Polled.
2) VF Hats Rockaway K167- Reg. #205407
Rockaway is a polled bull that sires medium frame with a lot of thickness. His daughters are the top cows in the herd. He has many sons out working for commercial herds. Use him on your cows.
3) HR Hat Topper 728P – Reg. #210825
A heifer bull with a lot of natural thickness. He is a polled bull & a grandson of Rockaway.
4) W-W Farms Mike (HAT) – Reg. #208700
Sire is fullblood bull. Mike is polled bull that sires super daughters with a punch of growth.

Owner: Paradise Ridge Tarentaise – Bill Armbrust

8606 N. 216th St. Elkhorn, NE 68022
email: paradiseridge@earthlink.net

1) REG 45 HATS MILEAGE (REGGIE) #204368 $40/straw: Homozygous Polled; EPD’s BW 4.3, WW 22.0, YW 31.0, 4.8 frame

2) PRT TITAN REGAL X526 #217909 $12/straw: Polled; Titantic son/Calving Ease: EPD’s BW 0.0, WW 10.0, YW 30.0, 5.0 frame.

3) PRT TITAN LASER X766 #217922 $12/straw: Polled; Titantic son/Calving Ease; EPD’s BW -1.2, WW 45.0, YW 25, 4.5 frame

(see photo under Biddick, Inc) 4. BI GORDY’S HAND Y71 Y536 B006 #219868: Polled; EPD’s BW -1.2, WW 45.0, YW 80, 5.0 frame.
Taking orders for International and Domestic semen shipments. Semen rights – Bill Armbrust/Biddick, Inc.
Biddick Inc., Brian Nodolf 11623 State Rd 80 Livingston, WI 53554 Brian: 608-943-6363 Paradise Ridge, Bill Armbrust 8606 N 216th St. Elkhorn, NE 68022 Bill: 402-689-6352

Biddick, Inc – Brian Nodolf

11623 State Rd 80
Livingston, WI 53554
Brian: 608-943-6363

BI GORDY’S HAND Y71 Y536 B006 ATA#219868

Polled and Breed Color Tarentaise Bull. Natural, thick muscling, wide bodied and stout that will be a great option to produce calves with growth and thickness. High indexing Tarentaise at the WBIA Bull Test 2014-2015 in Platteville, Wisconsin.

BI Gordy’s Hand Y71 Y536 B006 ATA #219868 : Polled, EPD’s BW -1.2, WW 45.0, YW 80, Frame 5.0
Domestic & International Semen Shipments

Collier Farms – Robert Collier

1656 80th Ave. NE, New Rockford, North Dakota 58356, 701-674-3240, colliertarentaise@hotmail.com

Collier Farm has semen for sale on four bulls that have impacted the Tarentaise breed. Contact us for price or more information

C-C General
Boby’s Successor
GHF Copy Cat