Animal Search

Animal Search- Open to the Public.

Need animal’s ATA Registration number or animal’s name

Use the link below to search for particular cattle by their ATA registration number and/or their name to access EPD’s (Expected Progeny Difference), parentage, and other data. Partial matches are allowed.

Animal Search


Type only one word of the animal’s name to find the most partial matches.
Try typing letter/number combos in forward and reverse. i.e. P520 or 520P
Try putting a space or a dash between a number and a letter. i.e. P 520 or P-520

Partial matches mean one piece of the animal name matches exactly.

*********ATA ID# Search*********

ATA Individual or Ranch/Farm ID # Search – Access to ATA active members only

ATA Active members only – Password required. To search for particular individuals or Ranch/Farm with ATA Identification numbers click the link below. Partial matches are allowed.
Individual or Ranch/Farm ID# Search