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Tarentaise Semen Available from ATA Members’ Inventories

Go to “Animal Search” page , enter a registration number, and view the EPD’s for the bulls in these inventories.

A&W Cattle Co. on Steinhage Farms LLC

9537 Pike 229
Clarksville, Missouri 63336

For more information call/text Tab 573-721-7668




Name: “Gilbert” G1705 A2/A2,AA,AA,AA (93.75% Tar) 
Reg.#: 223026
Breed Color: Breed Color
H/P/S: Polled
Straws Left: 123
BW: 82
AWW: 615
WW: 590
Sire: E0907-2017 “Bob” Reg#222040
Dam: E1705-2017 (93.75% Tar) E760 Reg # 221915

Name: “Gabel” G1301 A1/A2,AA,AA,AB (93.75% Tar)
Reg.#: 223746
Breed Color: Breed Color
H/P/S: Polled
Straws Left: 172
BW: 80
AWW: 580
WW: 690
Sire: D0904-2016 “Big Red” Reg#221965
Dam: A1301-2013 (93.75% Tar) Reg#219671

Name:”Gene” G0903 (93.75% Tar)
Reg.#: 223021
Breed Color: Breed Color
H/P/S: Polled
Straws Left: 80
BW: 86
AWW: 617
WW: 630
Sire: D0904-2016 “Big Red” Reg#221965
Dam: W0903-2009 (93.75% Tar) Reg#216953

Name: “Grayson” G1-2019 A2/A2,BB,AA,BB (100% Tar)
Reg.#: 223001
Breed Color: Breed Color
H/P/S: Horned
Straws Left: 264
BW: 76
AWW: 657
WW: 770
Sire: X763-2010 (100% Tar) Reg#218925
Dam: Y1112-2011 (100% Tar) “Yuliana” Reg#218915

Don Gittleson

Box 421
Walden, CO 80480





Reg.#       Name   &  Description                             No.  For Sale

177          Big M Cheyenne 106P       Fullblood               150 straws

959        AZ Rex                                   Fullblood                   700 straws

174639   620 M-M Kash 511Z          Purebred                450 straws

159        JVL Saturn 47N-457- JVL47N   Fullblood      20 straws

181368   LD Billy Ray                       Polled Purebred       200 straws                                     

189575   DH Elvis E72                      Purebred                   20 straws

181368   2177  BR3 Graphite           Polled Purebred     180 straws

200268   2177  BRF Horatio 200H    Purebred              80 straws


1. AF Limited Edition 479C
Reg. #221091
Frame score 4, Polled, calving ease bull, with good depth and thickness.

Semen For Sale

2. CF 510C Mr. Pounder 560E
Reg. #222079
Frame score 6, Heterozygous Polled Bull.
So far, sons in performance tests are above average in performance.

Semen For Sale

Seven Lakes Tarentaise
Complete Semen Inventory Dispersal

3 tanks and semen for sale.
Will make volume discount.
James Pressley




Big M Viking
Big M Senator
Big M Impression
Big M Dominator
Kalomister PS92
AZ Curtis
Seven Lakes Kendrick K434
Big M Black Bart
Kalo P59Z
AZ Sambo

Ledahl Tarentaise – Brian Ledahl

9005 137th Ave NW
Zahl, North Dakota 58856
701-694-3511 or cell 701-570-1427

Semen Location:  Owner’s Farm
Discounts for Volume orders
Approximately 600 straws available from listed bulls.

Available Semen

Bull name & ATA Reg. #:
1. Diamond L Hugo Y25 – Reg. #168441
Purebred Bull with a lot of progeny. Will add pounds to his offsprings’ weaning weight and yearling weight.
Semen Price: $10/straw

2. C-C Black Selector 100 – Reg. #186372
Purebred Black Scurred Bull – will add pounds for weaning weight and yearling weight,plus great maternal.
Semen Price: $10/straw

3. Garner G55 T608 – Reg. #194146
Purebred Black Bull that had been shown in Denver as a yearling.
Semen Price: $10/straw

4. Krusader’s Reflection – Reg. #163
Fullblood Bull – I don’t know much about this Bull, but I have used his semen and was impressed by his bull calves.
Semen Price: $8/straw

5. Krusader – Reg. #65
Semen Price: $6/straw

Hat Ranch – Doug Honold

2261 B Ave.,
Coon Rapids, IA 50058

712-684-5216 or cell 712-210-3202

Semen Location:
Hawkeye Breeders, Adel, IA

Available Semen

Bull name & ATA Reg. #:
1. Hats Copycat J60 – Registration #202750
Smaller frame, thick, & proven calving ease for heifers. Polled.
Semen Price: $15/straw

2. VF Hats Rockaway K167- Reg. #205407
Rockaway is a polled bull that sires medium frame with a lot of thickness. His daughters are the top cows in the herd. He has many sons out working for commercial herds. Use him on your cows.
Semen Price: $15/straw

3.HR Hat Topper 728P – Reg. #210825
A heifer bull with a lot of natural thickness. He is a polled bull & a grandson of Rockaway.
Semen Price: $15/straw

4.W-W Farms Mike (HAT) – Reg. #208700
Sire is fullblood bull. Mike is polled bull that sires super daughters with a punch of growth.
Semen Price: $15/straw

Paradise Ridge Tarentaise – Bill Armbrust

8606 N. 216th
St. Elkhorn, NE 68022


Available Semen

Bull name & ATA Reg. #:
Homozygous Polled; EPD’s BW 4.3, WW 22.0, YW 31.0, 4.8 frame
Semen Price: $40/straw

2. PRT TITAN REGAL X526 #217909
Polled; Titantic son/Calving Ease: EPD’s BW 0.0, WW 10.0, YW 30.0, 5.0 frame.
Semen Price: $12/straw

3. PRT TITAN LASER X766 #217922
Polled; Titantic son/Calving Ease; EPD’s BW -1.2, WW 45.0, YW 25, 4.5 frame
Semen Price: $12/straw

4. BI GORDY’S HAND Y71 Y536 B006 #219868
Polled; EPD’s BW -1.2, WW 45.0, YW 80, 5.0 frame.

Taking orders for International and Domestic semen shipments.
Semen rights – Bill Armbrust/Biddick, Inc.

Biddick Inc., Brian Nodolf 11623 State Rd 80 Livingston, WI 53554
Brian: 608-943-6363
Paradise Ridge, Bill Armbrust 8606 N 216th St. Elkhorn, NE 68022
Bill: 402-689-6352

BI GORDY’S HAND Y71 Y536 B006 ATA#219868

Polled and Breed Color Tarentaise Bull. Natural, thick muscling, wide bodied and stout that will be a great option to produce calves with growth and thickness. High indexing Tarentaise at the WBIA Bull Test 2014-2015 in Platteville, Wisconsin.

Collier Farms – Nate Collier

1656 80th Ave. NE
New Rockford, North Dakota 58356

Collier Farm has semen for sale on four bulls that have impacted the Tarentaise breed.
Contact us for price or more information

Available Semen

C-C General
Boby’s Successor
GHF Copy Cat

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