Board of Directors

2023 American Tarentaise Association Symposium

January 20-21st, 2023 at Stillwater, Oklahoma
Please see the schedule under Events for more details.

2022 American Tarentaise Association Board of Directors

Tabitha Steinhage Baker
19943 Pike 229
Clarksville, Missouri 63336
Elected to the board 2021 ends 2024
2nd term

Vice President
Melisa Bertz
6430 Moss Rd.
Mayview, MO 64071
(816) 661-1167
Elected to the board 2022 (1 year board appointed)
2nd term

Jeff Honold
1424 Hwy 71 N.
Carroll, Iowa 51401
Elected to the board 2021 ends 2024
2nd term
 Derek Williamson
1385 S. Indian Meridian
Meridian, OK 73058
Elected to the board 2022 (1 year board appointed)
1st term


Hatch Smith Cummings 
PO Box 366
Llano, TX 78643
(646) 416-1774
Elected to the board 2022 (1 year board appointed)
2nd term

Don Gittleson
Box 421
Walden, CO 80480
Elected to the board 2020 ends 2023
1st term

Mearl “Turk” Lords
4209 Montague Road
Fort Benton, MT 59442
(406) 899-3133
Elected to the board 2021 ends 2024
1st term

American Tarentaise Association Member Services

Office Manager

NCBE (National Center for Beef Excellence)
Becky Miller
520 Francis St.
Suite 500B
St. Joseph, MO 64501
Newsletter Editor
“Tarentaise Talk”

Hall of Fame – American Tarentaise Association

Bill Armbrust
Dan Braesch
George Dean
Inducted in 2021
Doug Honold
Les Haight
Inducted in 2020
Maureen Mack Kullman
Inducted in 2018
Leonard Sheriff
Inducted in 2013
Neil Zimmerman
Inducted in 2009
Dennis Puppe
Inducted in 2006
Gordon Fordyce
Inducted in 2005
Gary Klein
Dorothy Stout
Inducted in 2004
H.Q. ‘Doc’ Tucker
Inducted in 2003
Lyle Wandling
Inducted in 2002
Christ Klein
Ross Mitchell
Monroe Millions
Inducted in 2001
Jim Clark
Bill Huyser
Inducted in 2000
Doc & Connie Hatfield
Inducted in 1999
Klaas Veenland
Art Olson
Bob Riley
Inducted in 1998
Dr. Jerry Beste
Fay Bice
Jack Leeman
Floyd Tetrault
Dr. Ray Woodward
Inducted in 1997

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