Animal Search
All progeny and registrations should be sent to Associated Registry 420A Lincoln, Wamego KS 66547. 
Or call 785-456-8500 to input any new registrations (Please do not upload them to the old system).
Thank you.

Animal Search- Open to the Public

Required – Animal’s ATA Registration number or animal’s name

Use the link below to search for particular cattle by their ATA registration number and/or their name to access EPD’s (Expected Progeny Difference), parentage, and other data.
Partial matches are allowed.

Animal Search

  • Type only one word of the animal’s name to find the most partial matches.
  • Try typing letter/number combos in forward and reverse. i.e. P520 or 520P
  • Try putting a space or a dash between a number and a letter. i.e. P 520 or P-520
  • Partial matches mean one piece of the animal name matches exactly.

ATA ID# Search –  ATA active members only

ATA Individual or Ranch/Farm ID # Search – Access to ATA active members only.

Individual or Ranch/Farm ID# Search

  • ATA Active members only – Password required.
  • Partial matches are allowed.

Canadian Livestock Records

  • Search Canadian animal pedigrees.
  • Click on link- click on ‘pedigree” option – scroll down & click on Tarentaise – scroll down and enter Canadian Reg. #

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