The American Tarentaise Association is holding the 
Summer Meeting near Kansas City, Missouri.

July 16th & 17th, 2021
We recommend accommodations at the
Holiday Inn Express @ Oak Grove, Missouri
(Standard one king bed or 2 queen beds-$99.00 a night plus tax
Suites- $119.00 a night plus tax)
Holiday Inn Express
304 SE 4th Street
Oak Grove, MO 64075
Block of Rooms will be under ATA (American Tarentaise Association)
The nearest airport is Kansas City International Airport (MCI)
-approximately 45 minutes from the recommended hotel
If you are making reservations please let them know you are with the ATA.
We will be visiting Vice-President Melisa Bertz farm. Her and her husband, Harold, graciously  were willing to host this year's meeting. Melisa is a FFA advisor that has a heart for teaching our youth in the agricultural world, so she is setting up all kinds of youth activities. We hope every youth that can attend, but don't worry if you can not attend there will be a way you can still get involved even from your very own farm. We will be hosting the very first Online Tarentaise Show.
More details will follow in an email, a letter and online.

Agenda for the Summer Meeting

Friday July 16th

2:45pm  Meet at Holiday Inn Express- Oak Grove, MO
3:00-4:30pm  Tour of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers- Odessa, MO
5:30 Dinner at Tepoz Mexican Restaurant- 709 S. Broadway Suite A, Oak Grove, MO
7:30pm-9pm  Junior ATA Quiz Bowl and Skillathon Holiday Inn Express Large Meeting Room

Saturday July 17th

Breakfast at the Hotel
7:30-9:30am  ATA Board Meeting
10:00am-12:00pm Tour and Shopping  Kleinschmidt's Western Store- Higginsville, MO
12:00pm-2:00pm Lunch Arcadia Moon Winery, Higginsville, MO
     Guest Speaker:  Stephanie White- Welcome to our Farm Life Story- Children's Books
2:30-6:30 pm  Meadow Lane Farms- Home of Harold and Melisa Bertz, 6430 Moss Rd, Mayview, MO
Welcome- Farm History and cattle program
Judging of Purebred and Commercial Heifer Classes
Commercial Cattle on Display
Board Update
Junior Show and Contest Results
BBQ Dinner
Late Evening on your own.  There are several social venues in the neighborhood


PSR Gene Information

Click to Read Natural Genetic Resistance to Infection by Salmonella & E.Coli in Tarentaise Cattle Breed

Natural Genetic Resistance

Click to Read Natural Genetic Resistance to Infection by Salmonella & E.Coli in Tarentaise Cattle Breed


Robert Haney 

My name is Robert Haney. As a sixteen year old, I am a Yelm High School student and FFA member. I have been in FFA for two years and am a hard worker. In FFA I participate on the live stock judging and the meats judging team. This coming school year I will be taking an agriculture horticulture class so I can stay involved in the FFA. I live on a small piece of land where we have raised horses, chickens, rabbits, pigeons and now my steer which I showed and sold in this August’s fair.
I worked every day with my steer. He sat all day in a lush green grass field even though his breed traditionally climbed the steep meadows of the French Alps. As of July he weighed about 1000 pounds, he consumed 20 pounds of grain a day, and free range grazed in the field all day. Every time I fed him I brushed him out and gave him the attention he needed to grow happily. Every day I haltered him and walked him. Every other day I worked with him specifically for the show ring and the sell ring, too. Yum Yum was a well built steer with a straight back, low to the ground, filled in loin and a finished brisket and square round or rump. In live stock terms, he developed into a sound nicely finished steer ready to hang as high choice with a high cut ability.

Robert Haney

FA Purebred Tarentaise steer Yum Yum – Washington

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